Product description

KIM for Manufacturing gives you the real-time control over the production planning, production follow-up or documents and optimises the flows and stocks of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods through different stages of production. It intelligently combines mobility, digital labelling and full functionality from MES (Manufacturing Execution System), MRP (Material Resource Planner) and production-oriented WMS (warehouse management systems).

Implementing KIM allows transparent tracking of production and warehousing operations and supervises in real time the actual usage of personnel, equipment and materials.


Tones of Materials saved


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Assets tracked

Solution Architecture

Tracks raw material ordering, reception, storage and consumption through PO, GRNs, inventories.

Material request forms and confirms their movement with actual mobile scans.

Creates or imports the recipes for finished/semi-finished goods consisting of operations and materials.

Creates the production orders based on stored production recipes.

Follow-up of production orders progress, ensuring via mobile scans of materials, equipment and operators that the production order flow of operations is respected and followed precisely.

May import and export data to/from ERPs.

It may import POs (purchase orders) from connected systems, useful when orders are subleased.



Warehouse Management


Provides full traceability for all categories of raw materials, by identifying them with barcode labels, with the final purpose to automate BOM (Bill of Materials)


Manufacturing Execution


Full traceability on the entire production chain, from first technological operation to the last one, based on application of barcode labels on each cut component.


Production Planning


Plan customer orders, machines, operators and operations in a timely and spatial manner in order to ensure efficient usage of resources.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Planning Production
Real-time inventory

Multi-Location Warehouses

Inventory Management

Purchasing Orders (POs) and GRNs (Goods Received Notes)

Quality and conformity control

Management of scrap and recovered raw materials

Real-time visibility of all activities and resources

Production Order progress

Follow semi-finished and finished goods through different stages of production

Trace raw material consumption

Connect with third-party systems

Automate BOM

Real-time control over production planning

Flows and inventory of raw materials optimization

Human Resources timesheet

Real-time monitor the usage of personnel, equipment and materials

Smart reuse of groups of operations or materials to ensure fast data-entry

Quality Control

Documents quantitative inventories in the field

Documents nonconforming materials that may result along the production chain