Product description

Logistics are an important part of the supply chain for goods from their trip of their supplier to the actual beneficiary. Nowadays, when market disruption is the norm and the efficiency and low costs are a must-have, businesses are looking for ways to keep their assets and warehouses readily available and under control.

Implementing KIM for Logistics offers real-time access to updated inventory and movements by quickly identifying items through scanning the attached labels (NFC, RFID, QR, barcode).


Assets tracked


Happy users


Sites handled


Man hours saved yearly

key features

Real-time access to updated inventory of fixed assets, tools and their movements.

Quick item identification by scanning labels (NFC, RFID, QR, barcode).

Facilitates multiple fast factual inventories with greater accuracy and less human errors.

Identification of associated owner, reservation, location and other technical information associated with the assets.